Hi, everyone!

Summer time’s nearly approaching. For sure, some of you have already made plans and are preparing for your children’s upcoming summer activities.

Well, here’s an update from Institut auf dem Rosenberg Summer Camps, with regards to their new program that can be added to their offered language courses (a choice of either English, French, or German). This is for students aged 14-20 years old, who will be joining the Summer Camp in St. Gallen between July 18th – August 20th.
The Activity Focus: Art & Fashion Design is a very nice opportunity for students who would like to enhance and to focus with either of their Visual Art or Fashion Design skills under the wings of experienced Art and Design tutors. This course covers: drawing, painting, and illustration and graphic design; developing original ideas and concepts into visual projects; expanding portfolio for university application (if applicable); and structures guidance and hands-on advice.
For more information and/or for any inquiries, please contact us at:
ロゼ校 2016年度ザンクトガレン・サマーキャンプ:「アートとファッションデザイン」プログラム