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Discover the perfect school for your child with personalized counseling by our team of consultants, with graduates from renowned Swiss institutions. At FES, we're decided to expanding your child's horizons and shaping a brighter future together!

FES Swiss Ryugaku Center

FES is an official agent of Swiss Learning

Leave your Swiss study abroad support in our capable hands.

With our strong connections to prestigious Swiss institutions, we provide comprehensive support for both first-time and experienced students. Our dedicated team ensures meticulous follow-up even after enrollment.

Unlock your child's passions!
We provide personalized counseling for your and your family to help you find the perfect school from over 20 institutions in Switzerland. Let us assist you in discovering the ideal educational opportunity. Unlock your child's passions!
Relieve the burden of school communication.
Whether you're a busy family or facing language barriers, FES will take care of school communication on your behalf. We also provide translation services to ensure smooth and effective correspondence.
Support for your child during their study abroad is paramount.
Our on-site consultants will be there every step of the way, providing regular in-person counseling sessions with your child. We offer assistance with daily life, academic support, and emotional well-being, ensuring a smooth and enriching experience during their time abroad.
Support for Summer(Winter) Schools.
Swiss schools offer short-term study programs during the summer or winter seasons. At FES, we provide full support even for these short-duration programs.

Benefit from the expertise of consultants with over 10 years of experience.

At FES, we provide support for numerous children's study abroad experiences in Switzerland each year. Our consultants themselves have firsthand experience with Swiss study abroad, enabling them to offer valuable guidance in choosing schools that expand your child's potential. Trust us to assist you in finding the perfect educational opportunities that will open up new horizons for your child.

FES代表・コンサルタント 河野瑠衣

Rui Kono

CEO / Consultant

Residing in Europe. With over 10 years of experience supporting Swiss study abroad, Rui has assisted over 500 students throughout their journeys. Our founder personally began her own study abroad experience at the age of 13(in 8th grade). Leveraging firsthand experience, our consulting services are uniquely tailored, while our on-ground support benefits from the agility and insights of being European residents.

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Customer testimonials

We interviewed the Ozawa family whose son studied in Switzerland.

Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials

  • Were you not concerned about sending your 10-year-old child for a long-term study abroad?
    We did have some concerns, but the experience at the summer school had a significant impact on both the child and the parents, giving us a sense that we could somehow manage it. Moreover, having the assurance that FES would provide on-site support in case of any issues brought us great peace of mind.
  • Please tell us about the changes you observed in your child after the study abroad experience.
    Despite having little to no English proficiency, experiencing life abroad at the age of 10 and living in a shared room with three other individuals, it seems that he gained a newfound confidence in being able to adapt anywhere. He developed a stronger sense of excitement rather than anxiety towards new experiences. When transferring to a new school this year, he expressed overwhelming anticipation and excitement about making new friends and enjoying the school. We feel that his resilience has grown significantly.
  • What are your thoughts about FES?
    We wholeheartedly appreciate the meticulous support provided in every aspect. Despite our own concerns as parents regarding English, we were able to send our child for study abroad without any issues. It is also worth noting the outstanding relationship that FES has built with the school. The regular visits to the school and monitoring of our child's well-being have been incredibly helpful. Without FES, we might not have proceeded with the study abroad opportunity.


FES has established close relationships with over 20 schools through more than 10 years of experience in supporting study abroad in Switzerland.

  • エイグロン カレッジ

    Aiglon College

  • ボー ソレイユ

    College Alpin Beau Soleil

  • ブリヤモン インターナショナルスクール

    Brillantmont International School

  • ジュネーブ ビジネススクール

    Geneva Business School

  • コレージュ ド レマン

    College du Leman

  • コレージュ シャンピテ

    College Champittet

  • ヴィラ ピエルーフ

    Institut Villa Pierrefeu

  • モンタナ ツーカーベルグ

    Institut Montana Zugerberg

  • ル ロゼ

    Institut Le Rosey

  • ローゼンベルグ

    Institut auf dem Rosenberg

  • レザン アメリカンスクール

    Leysin American School

  • レ・ゼルフ・キャンプ専門校

    Les Elfes

  • ジュネーブインターナショナルインスティチュート(IIG)

    International Institute in Geneva

  • スルヴァル モントルー

    Surval Montreux

  • セント ジョージ

    St. George's School in Switzerland

  • プレ フルーリ

    Pre Fleuri - Ecole Alpine Internationale

  • ジョン F ケネディー インターナショナル スクール

    John F. Kennedy International School(JFK)


    The American School in Switzerland

  • UBIS

    The University of Business and International Studies

  • リツェウム アルピーヌム ツオツ

    Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz

  • ル リージェント インターナショナルスクール

    Le Regent International School

  • ラ ガレン インターナショナル スクール

    La Garenne International School

CEO,Consultant Rui Kono

Please feel free to reach out to us for an initial consultation. We are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Rui Kono

FES Representative and Consultant. Based in Europe, with over 10 years of experience in supporting study abroad in Switzerland, providing assistance to over 500 students. Rui personally began her own study abroad journey at the age of 13(in 8th grade). Leveraging her first-hand experiences as a former student, she specializes in consulting services tailored to individual needs. Furthermore, being a resident of Europe allows her to offer on-site support with agility and efficiency.

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