在河野顾问的陪同下,与学校的负责人Mary Sidebottom和宿舍管理人Keiko Webber见面了。学校非常热情的接待了这个家庭,并在校内一起品尝了午餐。



Our consultant, Ms. Kono visited Le Regent Crans-Montana College with a prospective family for the academic year. It was cloudy in the beginning, but after a while, the sun showed up. Crans Montana looked so beautiful with the leaves changing into Autumn colors.

Ms. Kono together with the prospective family met with the Director of Admissions, Ms. Mary Sidebottom and with the Junior Boarding Houseparent, Mrs. Keiko Webber. They were warmly welcomed by the school staff, and the family had the opportunity to experience having lunch at school.

During the visit, they were able to see ongoing classes. The number of students per class is small so the teachers can closely focus on each student. Also, the school is planning to have a new football pitch that students surely look forward to utilize in the near future.

There has been an announcement a few months ago regarding a collaborative project between Le Régent College and Le Rosey with a trial period of three years, at the request of Le Régent. The objective is to maintain Le Régent’s identity while sharing with it Le Rosey’s own expertise and educational values. Le Rosey will be coaching Le Régent based from their long-time experience and success, and with new perspectives in terms of school management and marketing to further provide a good quality of education, and to strengthen the values and services of the school to its students.

拜访Le Régent Crans-Montana College(克莱恩蒙塔纳瑞晶学院)



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河野 瑠衣


父母和祖父对瑞士的教育环境很满意,13岁(初中二年级)时单独去欧洲留学。从蒙塔纳的夏令营开始,艺术家云集的蒙塔纳,当时属于女校St. George's School。这是瑞士最初设立的公学(英式名门私立学校)有着传统而进取的校风。她在这里度过了两年。
之后的一学年跳过进入了College du Leman的高中2年级。在Leman这个为各国而来的贵宾子女们而设立的教育机构,高中2000年毕业。
大学进入了International University of Geneva,专业是经济bba项目,顺利毕业。

瑞士留学 | 幼稚園 小学生 中学生 高中生 海外夏令营

五木田 美香


受到在瑞士留学(College du Leman)的哥哥影响,中学毕业后,上过International School的暑期学校和学年。毕业后入学美国州立大学天普大学日本分校。大学开始在FES瑞士留学中心担任咨询,为客户提供帮助。大学毕业后在汤森路透公司从事营业和市场分析工作了六年。现在是FES瑞士留学中心的瑞士专任顾问。