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EduFest Le Rosey 2019

Le Roseyは、2019年5月24日、午前8:30から午後5:45まで、EduFest Le Roseyを開催します。EduFest Le Roseyとは、教育のインターナショナル・フェスティバルで、今回初めての開催となります。スイス初のフェスティバルに、権威ある教育機関の#WomenEdとresearchEDをお招きさせて頂くこと大変光栄に思います。



Photo credit : Institut Le Rosey


Greetings, everyone.
We would like to inform you that Le Rosey will be launching their first ever International Festival of Education – EduFest Le Rosey which will be held on May 24th 2019 from 8:30am to 5:45pm at their campus in Rolle. For the first time in Swizerland, Le Rosey is very pleased and honored to be hosting two of the prestigious world education organisations, #WomenEd and researchED.

This important event will tackle different topics in terms of education (teaching and learning) and its latest research, by more than 50 speakers across the globe who will be sharing their ideas, thoughts with different and inspiring presentations.

Tickets are available. This is a great oportunity to learn more about the evolution to future education. Should you have any inquiries about this event and/or would like to participate, please don’t hesitate to contact FES.






Hello, everyone.
Ms. Kono, our consultant, has recently went to JFK for local support and met with the family straight from Geneva airport. During the visit, Saanen was blessed with a glorious weather.

The student joined JFK this April to improve his English skills, and from September 2019, he will start his main academic programme at Le Rosey. Ms. Kono made sure that the boy knew and has had everything he needed, and assisted him until he finally settled in. While unpacking in his room, the boy met one of his Japanese roommates.

We wish him all the best!





FES consultants, Ms. Kono and Ms. Gokita, have had private consultations with our prospective families together with Mr. Gregory Mean (Director of La Garenne International School) and Mr. Alexey Filatov (Director of Finance and IT) during their visit in Hokkaido and in Tokyo, Japan.
La Garenne is accepting children ages 5-15 years old (Reception to Year 10) from across the globe and is located in a very safe and warm environment with a family atmosphere. The school offers bilingual English-French academic approach, following a British Curriculum from Reception to Year 9. Due to a lot of requests from students and parents, La Garenne has been continuously working on how to improve their school academically and how to provide further opportunities for their students. We are pleased to share with you that this September 2019, the school will be welcoming their first batch of Year 10 students. They are also planning to extend their offer to higher levels in the coming years.
La Garenne offers summer camps as well, with six (6) sessions [minimum stay of two (2) weeks], which is very popular.
Should you be interested with La Garenne’s Academic Year programme and/or Summer Camps, please contact FES.








Hello, everyone.
Here’s about our consultant, Ms. Kono’s visit to Institut auf dem Rosenberg boarding school in the German-speaking area of Switzerland. Its surroundings was a beautiful scenery filled with snow at that time (please see video and photos). During the visit, Ms. Kono was able to see the classes, boarding houses, tried the school’s high-tech workout machine, and has had the chance to have a meal with the students at the school’s extensive dining hall and got a taste of what’s on the menu that day.

There are many developments that has been adapting at Rosenberg in terms of academic programmes, school rules, and facilities. The school focuses on students’ academic support, pastoral care and development.

Please check out Rosenberg’s profile here :